Indoor Cycling Guide: Here's How To Set Up The Ultimate Pain Cave


Looking to create your ultimate "pain cave" for indoor cycling, running, or working out? Get some inspiration from these stellar setups.

We recently partnered with one of the world’s top triathlon organizations, Team Every Man Jack, on a series of articles to help triathletes set and achieve their goals—these included some tips for beginner triathletes; advice for those aiming to complete a half-Ironman race or a full Ironman race; optimizing your race day effort, no matter the distance; and learning to balance your athletic goals with everyone else in your life.

One common thread we found amongst the athletes of Team Every Man Jack was a fondness for indoor training, and we quickly discovered that many of them have incredible indoor training setups in their homes. So if you’ve been looking to set up your own dedicated space for riding your bike indoors (and what we affectionately call a “pain cave”), then check out the great setups below for some inspiration. And if you’re looking to try a new workout on your own indoor trainer, check out this article on some tough workouts that will have you riding stronger and faster than ever.