On the boards of a velodrome, our track bikes are second to none, with the TK models propelling riders to a host of World Championships and Olympic medals. Keeping with a long tradition of pioneering bicycle design to revolutionize performance standards, we made headlines when we ushered in the first left-side drive asymmetrical track bike, the TA FRD. Whether you are getting on the track for the first time or wanting to race your way to the top step of the sport, we have you covered.

Many bike racing fans will say that the velodrome offers the purest form of two-wheeled competition, and we couldn’t agree more. The philosophy of a track bike is simple: frame and fork, two wheels, one fixed gear. Likewise, the spirit of the competitors appears equally purposeful: ride laps around the track...may the fastest cyclist win. But, there is so much more to it than that. Track racing offers a wide variety of events that take place inside the velodrome, each requiring an incredibly unique skill set, an unfathomably complex understanding of tactics, and unparalleled levels of nerve. With the simplicity of the bike, there's also the simple fact that track bikes don't use brakes! So do you think you have what it takes to tackle the velodrome?

Here’s the most important thing you need to know—by and large, track racing is divided up into two categories of events: sprint and endurance. Track racing sprint events are shorter, require superior fast-twitch muscle groups, and are all about explosive bursts of strength and speed. These include both the individual and team sprint races (hey, that name sure worked well!) and the absolutely bonkers kierin mass-start drag racing bonanza. Endurance events take place over longer distances and demand more sustained efforts from the riders. Think pursuit racing, both the individual and team versions, as well as events like the madison and track points race along with the omnium event.

Our legendary Tk series comes in several versions to suit your unique ambitions and help you reach your goal, whether that’s simply experiencing the rush of track riding for the first time, winning your local weekend race, or chasing Olympic gold. It’s a bike built for sprinting and powerful efforts, but is also versatile enough to be adapted for endurance events. But if you’re looking for the fastest track bike ever made, the holder of countless world records and several world championships, and the epitome of our decades of aerodynamic innovation, then check out the TA FRD.

Track racing has always been an integral part of our DNA. So come ride with us, and we’ll show you a good time.